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If you are working on self-publishing a book, whether fiction or non-fiction, you will at some point realize the absolute necessity of a great layout and cover design. Your dream may be to publish for print or exclusively for digital consumption, but whatever your goals, you will need to have it formatted for easy reading and designed to immediately grab attention and create intrigue.

There is an age-old cliché that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do it ever time we are in search of a new title to read. Many of my favourite authors made it to my shelf initially for no other reason that that they chose a great designer to create their cover art. Can you honestly say that isn’t true for you as well?

Once I pick up a book, of course, the words have to do the work and prove their worth, but if they are poorly presented or difficult to physically read, the book is likely to get put down, never to be picked up again. Give your book the best chance at total success with a professional cover design and layout.

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Monique Nelson is the head designer for Designed by Monique and loves to focus mainly on creating epic, attention grabbing and click demanding book covers!

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