What Does A DJ Have To Do With The Price Of Your Success?

“You can build up massive amounts of value through social media by spinning other people’s records.”

I heard this while I listened to episode 12 of The Body & The Beast Podcast. Everything in my mind just started nodded, “YES.”

The internet is incredible and has the power to change the lives of so many people. All of a sudden, you can learn nearly any skill you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s POWERFUL.

And sadly, many people abuse this power. By trying to copy the skills and success of people who have worked very hard to achieve what they have gained.

And many other people “lurk” and never share their skills or unique voice with the world.

But Jamie Alderton has another option, which is just straight up brilliant, if you ask me (you know how I love my metaphors!):

The DJ Analogy

Just as a DJ puts his/her own flair and style on the works of art from those he respects, so can you add your mark and voice to the works of art from those YOU admire.

Instead of copying and stealing, SHARE. Comment and add to whatever it may be that you originally found value in. Offer up insight as to how it has changed your perspective or life.

Sharing with commentary is one of the best social media strategies out there:

  1. content you don’t have to create, just critique/comment on
  2. engages your audience (it’s obviously good if it caught your attention, right?)
  3. introduces your audience to others who could help them, which should ALWAYS be your goal in business
  4. shows respect and acknowledgement to the authority you are sharing

There are more reasons why this could work for you. But it’s your turn to put your mind to use and figure out how it applies to you and your business.

Here’s an example I can share with you (aside from the obvious example of my sharing Jamie’s advice). Today I watched a Live video which just so happened to include the co-host from The Body & The Beast Podcast, Dan Meredith.

It was a fabulous video on the topic of the price of success. It was full of value. So what did I do? I SHARED IT.

And I added the following commentary:


This video from Dan Meredith & Dan Aguilera – while entertaining as can be – was packed with very insightful information about the price of success. There are many ways to get to the top, and a billion more ways to fall flat on your face.

The spectrum shared in this live video can be applied to everything in your life – from nutrition, to relationships, to your business and anything else you can think of.

Give it a watch. Share your thoughts. Spread some much needed commonsense awareness with the world.

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