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B - Blogging from A to Z ChallengeBalance in design is absolutely crucial. Balance ensures that your artwork looks planned, flows naturally (though purposefully) and has a pleasing effect to viewers. Without balance, a design can appear thrown together willy-nilly and this is off-putting for viewers. It really doesn’t matter if you are spending thousands of dollars on having a high-end ad for a magazine or billboard designed, or if you are self-publishing a book that you only intend to be read by you. Balance in your artwork is critical for a pleasing design.

There are many ways to achieve balance through design, and not all balance has to be symmetrical or overly rigid. Though symmetry itself can be beautiful and pleasing to the eye, and asymmetrical design, when done well, can create intrigue and movement in a piece.

Symmetry relies on repetition, essentially reflecting the image from one side to another. Often, in vector art, the various elements of a character are symmetrical, for example – they eyes are reflections or even duplication of each other and therefore perfectly balanced.

B is for Balance - Vector Eyes

Asymmetry, in contrast, does not reflect, but rather balances the weight of two or more objects against each other. It is a mind trick, to some degree.

One object may be smaller and darker, while the other is larger, but lighter to compensate, each visually appearing to be balanced in weight.

There are various factors that affect the visual weight of an object on a page or a screen, such as size, color and texture, distance from the center of the page, number of objects, and even the shape of an object. It takes experience and practice to learn the art of weighing objects appropriately on a page to look balanced, though asymmetrical.

If you don’t have the training to create a well balance and visually pleasing layout, that’s quite alright – I’m here for you! Get in touch using the form below to let me know what you need created, and I will be happy to offer guidance, a no obligation quote, and my suggestions for your design.

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4 thoughts on “B is for Balance

    • admin Post author

      I love that! It just proves how important it really is! Thanks so much for reading and leaving your feedback – I am looking forward to connecting more as we go through the alphabet together!

  • Colleen Sheehan

    Not only is balance important, but it’s worth it to differentiate it with symmetrical. I know when I was first studying design I had a hard time not centering everything in my work and trying to make it *even*. Not the same!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • admin Post author

      That’s so true Colleen! Balance doesn’t have to be a reflection, but there are so many elements that influence a well laid out design. It can be hard to master, and – in my experience at least – it is an ever challanging journey! Thanks for stopping by – I can’t wait to see what you and I both come up with as the A to Z journey keeps moving!