Self-Publishing Authors

I have a soft spot for authors who are self-publishing.

One of my favourite things about the online movement is the ability for everyone’s voice to be heard. I adore reading, and I am in awe of anyone with the discipline to write a book, cover to cover. If this is you, you deserve to be recognized!

Of course, not everyone who writes a book is going to have success as an author, but I think it is imperative that you have every opportunity to try. Publishing a book can be expensive though.

Costs add up; everything from editing, to layout, to cover design, to marketing and plenty more.

As a self-published author, these costs are coming out of your own purse.

I’ve been there. My mom is currently there. I know countless others who are in this place and are not sure how they are going to come up with the funds to actually get their words from their computer screen to within the bounds of a book and in the hands of a reader.

This struggle is REAL.

Especially for first time authors.

For this reason, I offer a very special, very limited, very one-time discount to self-published authors who are getting ready to publish their first book.

If this sounds like you, here is what I will offer: 50% off all my author related services.

50% off a cover design, whether you are publishing on Kindle, CreateSpace, or your own website.

50% off my layout fees.

50% off an advertising package to make sure you have banner ads, facebook ads, social media images, and more when you’re ready to publish and share your book with the world.

This discount is EXCLUSIVELY for self-published authors who are working on their first book.

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I can’t wait to work with you!