Promotional Art

If you have an event planned, no matter how big or small, you will want phenomenal art to stir up some excitement. Personal parties, art shows, professional conferences and tradeshows, comedy hours, and musical events all have one thing in common: in order to be a success, potential attendees need to know they’re happening!

Announce your event with a stylish invitation in your preferred style or branding. Depending on the theme, this could be modern, retro, contemporary, art deco, corporate or anything in between! Have your invitation delivered in a classy matching envelope, or send them directly to your audience’s inboxes.

If you don’t have a specific mailing list, you can tell the world about your event with print or digital flyers and posters. Fill up faster with great promotional art!

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Monique Nelson is the head designer for Designed by Monique and loves to focus mainly on creating epic, attention grabbing and click demanding book covers!

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