As a graphic designer, copywriter and business developer, I am constant trying out new services, testing new tools and applications, and generally searching for fun goodies that can help increase profitability, productivity or both! The following are a list of some of my absolute favorite resources.


Because I stand behind them whole-heartedly, for many of them I have signed up to be an affiliate for the programs or services. This means that, if you take my recommendation, and purchase one or more of the following, I may receive compensation as reward for advertising for them. This will not increase your costs – in fact, in some cases I have secured special offers for you! – nor change your experience in any way, and I only become affiliates for products that I personally endorse…if it is not good enough for my business, I would not be recommending it for yours!

This is your opportunity to check out some products that could change your business forever…just click on any of the images to learn more about the products and/or services.


Resources for Authors

How to Plan a Book Launch - social media


Resources for Small Businesses

Creative Daily Deals for Web Professionals

LinkedIn Riches Webinar

Your Content Your Empire

Infamous to Influential

Hashtag Hero