Web Graphics

Perhaps you have a website, but you need some attention grabbing graphic details to make it stand out, convert and get “sticky” (aka, keep your visitors on your site longer). Custom designed buttons, website headers, and calls-to-action can dramatically increase the success of your website and add to the overall appeal of your site.

If your site is running slow, properly formatted images can make a world of difference. If your pages are dull, carefully chosen stock images or custom designed vector art can bring each page to life! Infographics create interest to even the most dense of statistics.

Maybe it’s time that you start customizing your social media pages to coordinate all your marketing efforts into a cohesive look. Does your Facebook cover, Twitter Header, or YouTube cover art reflect the tone and style of your website? They should all blend seamlessly together so that your brand is easily recognizable in any location.

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Monique Nelson is the head designer for Designed by Monique and loves to focus mainly on creating epic, attention grabbing and click demanding book covers!

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